Some clever producer named  Tom Caruana just put together this Wu Tang Vs. The Beatles Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers mixtape and man it’s made my day. No, it’s not as good as Danger Mouse’s Grey Album, but it really hits a delicious intersection in my brain where the Wu meets the Beatles — a nexus I previously had no idea even existed. Download it free, throw on the Wallabees, and take a long walk around the neighborhood this weekend bobbing your head to the beautiful peanut butter & jelly that is this mixtape…

PS: If you like this, you may wanna check out that Wu Tang vs. Dubstep mix we talked about last November

4 Responses to “Wu Tang vs. The Beatles “Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers””

  1. kwiz says:

    not sure where you get off that the Grey Album is better than this (??!), but good post nonetheless

  2. A says:

    Just catching this, and as an avid and well versed fan of both the Beatles and Wu I know this is nothing short of amazing. I definitely agree with the last post… The Grey Album was good but had much less dimension than this. DJ Danger M just cut Beatles tracks and layed Jay Z on them, which made him clever for doing it first, but plenty of DJ’s could do it, probably better. This Wu album actually has “production” work, real effort that shows.

  3. maybe it is just me nevertheless, I dont get it. What did you say? is the moral of this piece? can anyone please describe it to me. Possibly it is my bleeched hair kicking in but i am a bit baffled as to the argument? thanx

  4. I’ll have to check both this out and the grey album.

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