I am a man blessed with many talents, among them is not the ability to play poker. This deficit brings my family great shame. I bet if I had this $10,000 poker set from Cartier my luck would change. It would have to intimidate even the most Cheney-faced card sharks like those found on site like https://www.usgamblingsites.com/. Presented in a lockable red and black lacquered Sycamore wood chest, it is adorned with striped sides, a checkerboard pattern on the lid, and goldplated hardware and Art Deco-style gold Cartier key plate. The interior is lined in black Alcantara and holds two packs of Cartier playing cards, 360 chips in five different colors and denominations bearing Cartier logos, and five dice. Pick one up for for only $10,000 and watch your gambling problems fly away like a flock of golden butterflies…

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