19 Feb
"tommy sushi" by Paramodel makes for a very expensive practical joke

I’m not sure what the bigger joke is, that someone would eat one of these and realize it’s actually a piece of plastic, or that some buffoon would willingly drop $270 for it ($295 with shipping). Japanese design/artist duo Paramodel simply combined a toy truck called “tomica” with a food model of sushi — like those you find in sushi window displays — to create this artwork titled tommy sushi. Each piece comes with a signed certificate of authority, but really what’s the point? Pick them up here for $270 if you’ve completely lost all cognitive ability.

One Response to “$270 Piece of Sushi You Can’t Even Eat”

  1. SushiTail says:

    For $270, I would expect it to go fetch $250 worth of real sushi.

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