3 Feb
When all you've ever wanted fits in one fine leather briefcase

Without question, our favorite “affordable” single malt Scotch at LIAS is Balvenie 15-year, absolute gold at Costco for about $40 a bottle. We would’ve loved to try that Balvenie Madeira, of course, but haven’t had the opportunity (Balvenie, if you’re out there sweet Lord of Scotch, feel free to send us a sample!). To give distillery representatives a fitting way of illustrating the Balvenie Scotch distilling and aging method, they have now created a “hand-crafted leather case for The Balvenie Ambassador to present the Balvenie story from barley to bottle. The case contains bespoke boxes which are individually tooled to hold ears of barley, a miniature copper still, cask samples, miniature barrels and tasting bottles.” Hence, the bespoke Balvenie Ambassador Case.

Designed by Here Design and handmade in the United Kingdom, the leather case is unavailable for purchase, but if you’ve ever dreamed of beign a Scotch salesman here’s another great reason to follow your heart, sweet young tippler…

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