26 Feb
The little computer that could

There’s something to be said about the implementation of green technology, a term that years ago would have seemed completely contradictory. The Green Computer from Design Hara almost embodies that phrase…in body only, perhaps (seen above with keyboard from La Chae Homme). Critics have argued that just because this computer’s casing is made from wood, doesn’t necessarily make it a green product. The unit is recyclable and its motherboard uses 30% of the power that a regular desktop uses, the company claims. This could have something to do with the component’s configuration, but is more likely due to its smaller size. Hey, my SUV is a green technology because it uses less fuel than a city bus.

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The Green Computer with speakers from Ferguson Hill

Let’s talk customization. You have a choice of Rose wood paneling from Canada or Italian Cypress. Considering that all of the assembly is done in South Korea, that’s 10,000 miles of shipping lane to import foreign materials. Any good done by building this in recyclable materials is negatively offset by the carbon footprint made in shipping.

That’s not to say this isn’t a good attempt at a power-efficient computer, plus it’s got some decent specs. The Green Computer’s got an Intel Core2Duo processor and can be fitted with up to 8Gb of RAM and 1Tb of storage. Design Hara isn’t advertising a price on their website for this almost green computer, but they range in price from $1200 to $1800. Make it a little greener with this mouse.

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