17 Feb
UK's Belstaff may be a bit disoriented

Founded in Staffordshire, England, in 1924, Belstaff is famous around the globe for its fine workmanship and durable, hardworking technical gear. A striking example that great design is timeless, this meticulously crafted carryall is a replica of the mail bags carried by New York City postmen in the 1930s. In vegetable-dyed Italian buffalo hide, it’s waxed and oiled by hand in Italy and burnishes to a unique finish with wear. We dig the authentic three-hole closure on the front flap — once used to adjust capacity to the amount of mail, it can be secured to accommodate all manner of contents, from letters to fire logs to MacBook Pros to that DMV-issued court order you totally forgot about. Let’s see: UK company emulating a New York postman style, but made in Italy? Someone over at Belfast is as confused as that DMV clerk who got my Netflix check by mistake. Available here for $795.

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