16 Feb
Artist Daizi Zheng repackages health food for the addict in all of us

The world is getting fatter and Daizi Zheng aims to put a stop to it. Zheng cleverly re-packages fruits and vegetables to look like the vices we know and love. The artist hopes to appeal to people’s physical and psychological cravings by making nutritional food look the the vices we’ve all grown comfortable with. Although these items are strictly for aesthetic value, they may get people to think about why they consume what they do and rethink what they are putting in their bodies. Find this project and more of Zheng’s work here.

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  1. […] El mundo  está gordo y el artista embala verduras de manera que parezcan los vicios que amamos esperando  apelar a las ansias físicas y psicológicas de la gente comparando el alimento a  los vicios con los que nos hemos puesto cómodos.Sin duda un packaging creativo y que sería interesante estudiar en el comportamiento de nuestros hábitos alimenticios,porque  os digo que instantánemanete me han entrado ganas de dar un bocadito a la zanahoria en palo que viene en lo que parece un paquete de tabaco ordinario¿ó me han entrado ganas de fumar? […]

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