Known for their somewhat flamboyant style, Maison Martin Margiela have just released their Spring/Summer 2010 Collection, which include the Icognito Assemblé models above. And as bespoke as these are, they’re still restrained when compared to earlier collections (see 2 earlier models below and after the Jump) which had decidedly 80s-futuristic TRON-like styling elements. For Spring/Summer 2010 they take a step back, incorporating traditional aviator frames and encasing them in either tortoise shell or chunky black frames. Available in 2 colorways, they’re still less flashy than their Autumn/Winter 2008 collection below…

See one more previous Martin Margiela sunglass collection after the Jump

Autumn/Winter 2008

Spring / Summer 2009

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  1. Ladies have great appearance with round sun glasses with very thick frame.

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