3 Feb
Think of them as a little pop culture pop quiz

Jamie Bolton’s minimalist movie posters chisel the away at the pack-it-all-in, DVD-extras-and-bonus-material mentality, revealing only the essence of what a film is all about. Of course, if you haven’t seen any of the films Jamie’s portrayed on poster, then the message may be hard to decipher. If you haven’t seen Back to the Future, Blade Runner, The Shining, Jurassic Park, then buy yourself a Netflix account and a clue. You can pick up these posters for between $15-$17 a piece.

And on the same note, take a look at Film the Blanks (‘fil´—em the blanks), as in fill in the blanks. These minimalist movie poster madlibs give their take on film and require you to exercise your movie symbol knowledge.

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  1. acy says:

    Hey! Really cool collection. Great job :) I also did a bunch of minimalistic alternative movie posters. Check them out: http://stuff24.de/blog/10-minimalistic-alternative-movie-poster/ Feel free to comment!

  2. Fizzy says:

    Yeah, but yours suck compared to these.

  3. Stas³aw says:

    How much of an important report, have penning special someone

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