12 Feb
Celebrate the Saints with the best in New Orleans Bounce

In honor of the great city of New Orleans and their Superbowl victory, we bring you our Mix of the Week: Nola Bounce, a mix of all things Nawlins…

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With 3:24 left in the 4th quarter of Super Bowl XLIV and the Colts driving at the Saints’ 31, everyone knew that Peyton Manning was going to score a touchdown to tie the game. It was inevitable. Peyton Manning is the Sheriff and he always gets his man. And then, as if some cosmic force took over the game, one of the most exciting plays in recent Super Bowl history unfolded… If you’ve been living under a rock or were too drunk to remember, let me refresh your memory:

Wait a sec… I know what you’re thinking, “I didn’t realize Lost In A Supermarket was now doing sports highlights.” We’re not! But I did want to honor the accomplishment of a team that had an entire city behind it. As we all know, the same city that was nearly destroyed by Hurricane Katrina 5 years prior. I believe this win lifted the collective spirits of New Orleans and gave them hope that anything is possible. And because of that reason, I want to highlight the music of New Orleans by introducing you to New Orleans Bounce. This is New Orleans club music at its finest. It’s like a cross between Bmore and hip hop that’s completely infectious.

This particular mix was put together by Philly’s own Emynd and first appeared on the Mad Decent #30 podcast. Emynd has been reppin’ Nola Bounce for the past 4 years and has put together a pretty bangin’ set. Download it HERE.

Pop this in your car, go forth and Bounce dat ass.

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