11 Feb
Beware of paper cuts!

The Machine Pistol 5, a beloved automatic weapon of government agencies around the world, is now available to children and adults alike. This MP5 paper gun kit from Gestalten includes everything you need to build your own rifle out of paper and a poster celebrating its awesomeness (I assume this is out of paper as well) for around $27. With this gun you can reinvigorate your childlike love for making paper models and then time how fast you can field strip it blindfold in strict military fashion. Plus, it’s probably the only gun that is welcomed through airport security.

3 Responses to “MP5 Paper Gun”

  1. Zodiac Dates says:

    Cant wait to make one

  2. Magnetic motors says:

    Nice paper MP5 will look good next to my paper AK

  3. Just needs a paint job

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