17 Feb
The seminal short films and animations of Al Jarnow

You’ve undoubtedly seen the work of Al Jarnow, although you just might not know it. His wild geometric animations and sometimes psychedelic short films have been seen by tens of millions via seminal children’s shows like Sesame Street and The Electric Company, and if you take a peek at the video below I’m sure the memories will coming rushing back. The esteemed Numero Group have already made a name for themselves as superior archivists, with 40+ releases such as the lost 24-Carat Black album Gone: The Promises Of Yesterday, and re-issue compilations such as Wayfaring Strangers: Lonesome Heroes, and now they’re stepping into the DVD format for the first time. With films that remain in the collections of MOMA and Pompideau Center, as well as in the living memories of entire generations of Americans, Jarnow makes a fitting subject. The 45 films collected have been transferred and color corrected from the original 16mm prints, along with fully remastered sound. Special features include the 30-minute documentary on Jarnow’s creative process titled Asymmetric Cycles, and a thick 60-page booklet crammed with essays, photos, and other miscellaneous ephemera like typed stage directions and hand-drawn storyboards from Jarnow. Releasing on Feb 26th, you can order it now for $25.

Trailer below, or view the documentary “Asymmetric Cycles: The Work Of Al Jarnow” in entirety after the Jump…

“Asymmetric Cycles: The Work Of Al Jarnow”:

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