16 Feb
One of America's best storytellers telling stories

GeekTyrant has a great series of videos of Quentin Tarantino riffing on various subjects — including going to see Raging Bull with Brian DePalma — at the “Directors on Directing” panel discussion at Santa Barbara’s Lobero theatre. Also, check out their series of videos of Tarantino discussing his favorite films, including Paul Thomas Anderson’s There Will Be Blood , Scorcese’s Taxi Driver and Danny Boyle’s Sunshine. I’ve always known Tarantino was a great storyteller via film, but I didn’t realize the man can pull some serious yarn. How fun would it be to get drunk with this guy and hear him tell stories all night?

Two more videos after the Jump…

How Avatar would have changed Kill Bill

First week of filming on Reservoir Dogs…


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  2. Tanner Danh says:

    Nico is the funniest person on the show. This is my favorite show on tv! Thanks for posting this, I enjoyed reading it. I’m adding your rss feed to my Google reader, keep up the good posts!

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