9 Feb
The most potent brew on the planet

Zeh Germans have finally come up with a way to drink themselves to death during the next Oktoberfest. We all know what novice drinkers they are. Schorschbock (German for Holy Fuck! I imagine) is the strongest beer in the world, weighing in at 40% alcohol by volume. To give you an idea of just how potent this is, think of the strongest stout you’ve guzzled down with a side of hot wings and multiply that by four. Most stouts hover around 10%. Schorschbock will give you the full body you’d come to expect from a fruity doppelbock, with all the ass-kicking of a whiskey. This is actually a limited edition beer and Schorschbräu hasn’t announced plans to produce more. Dying to have a taste? Fret not, you can pick up the 32% bottle in the mean time.

UPDATE Feb 17: Strongest beer title ‘reclaimed with Sink the Bismarck’

“A controversial Scottish brewery has said it has reclaimed the title of
the world’s strongest beer from German rivals – with Sink the Bismarck
at 41%.” –BBC News

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