23 Feb
David Cross + Will Arnett + British Humor = Very Funny

Fans of Arrested Development should be pretty stoked about The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret. Once again pairing up David Cross and Will Arnett, the British show revolves around the rather pathetic adventures of Todd Margaret (played by Cross), an ineffectual American loser sent to London to head up the promotions for an energy drink:

US comedian David Cross plays Todd Margaret, a hapless office drone who flukes his way into a top management job heading up the British division of a US multinational. All he has to do is sell a dozen container loads of dodgy Korean energy drinks before his psychotic boss, played by Will Arnett, visits in a week’s time. It doesn’t help that he knows nothing about the UK or selling things.

The show is only in the UK for now, but you can watch the pilot below

Part 1 of the pilot below, hit the Jump to see parts 2 and 3…

via Slashfilm

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