5 Feb
Dancehall inspired rum...as if there were any another

Kingston-bred dancehall icon Vybz Kartel decided that Diddy didn’t need to have all the fun, and has launched his own line of high-end liquor. Eschewing the de rigueur vodka and tequila celebrity distilleries, Vybz (aka Adidja Palmer) went with what he knows best: rum. The triple-distilled VYBZ silver rum and handcrafted oak-aged dark rum boast a complex mix of flavors and aromas of oak, caramel and coconut. They claim its taste is similar to an aged cognac or scotch whiskey, and for $170 it better well have.

Check out Vybz Kartel’s “Slow Motion” video after the Jump…

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  1. dagadenzel says:

    who sells this drink wholesale? is not jamaica alone to get it

  2. Titus Scarth says:

    Congrats to Vettel at Monza yesterday. Enjoyed the laps. Also great to see Alonso driving well. Shame about Massa crashing out though. Presume everyone at http://lostinasupermarket.com/2010/02/vybz-cartel-rum enjoyed the race today too.

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