24 Feb
Amirko's Change It! Wall — fourth wall not included

Designer Amirkhan Abdurakhmanov has reinvented the wall with his “Change It!” design concept. This isn’t the first time a designer has attempted to add life to a wall. We covered Strukt’s illuminated wall back in September. But, what’s great about this wall is that it’s really 3-walls-in-1 ingeniously put together into one 20ftx20ft panel that can add a whole new level of creativity to your home life. The wall panel is made up of triangles, each side with a different shade, that are spun around to give your room a new life. The 3 sides are either white, black, or a burst of color and can be mixed and matched to your liking. While claiming it is the future of interior design may be going a bit far, I would gladly employ it to break up my mundane family portraits.

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