Magellan is one of those guys like Einstein or Mario Andretti that will forever be used by sarcastic sons of bitches the world over. Sure he did a great deed by circumnavigating the globe, but did you know that he didn’t even make it all the way around? No, he got killed in the Philippines, but we continue to give him all the credit. Such is the case with the Magellan 1521, named for the year in which Ferdinand Magellan’s crew completed sailing around the world. The wristwatch incorporates a dial in the form of a half globe, housed under a scratch-resistant anti-reflective sapphire dome — according to their site, the sapphire crystal used in the 1521 is the most expensive glass ever incorporated into a timepiece. This protected model features an automatic movement, crown fully incorporated into the case, hands curved with the circumference of the dial and a 24-hour hand which indicates the longitudinal position of the sun at any given time. With a labor intensive assembly process and the use of delicate materials such as mother of pearl, Magellan produces only three individually-numbered units per day. The Model 1521 was awarded a prestigious ‘Prix du Jury’ award by Montres et Passion for innovation and design.

Available for $5600

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