16 Mar
Ending a great Italian line with class

The line between production car and race car has been blurring since the introduction of the McLaren F1 back in 1992, and has gotten to the point where the difference is quantifiable, not qualitative. And Pagani’s Zonda R has blurred that line to near invisibility. As the last chapter in the Zonda line, the Pagani Zonda R features a stunning 739 horsepower 6.0-liter V12 engine capable of hitting 0-to-60 in exactly three seconds, with an asphalt-melting top speed of 233 mph. Now that’s just ridiculous. To help celebrate this great Italian vehicle, and by extension the end of the Zonda bloodline, Pagani put out this video below. You could call it an ad, I suppose, but that would be seriously understating its point: it is pure automotive porn. Made of carbon fiber and titanium, only 15 Zonda R’s will be sold for a Veyron and ONE-77-topping $1.8 million, plus an extra vehicle they’re building to display for posterity at their factory in Modena.

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