Eat Out! is a book that features conceptual dining from around the world. The book was inspired by the emergence of specialized restaurants that are working to stand out in the competitive food market by providing unique experiences to their customers. The book also goes more in depth, featuring specific dishes and how the overall concept of the restaurant may influence the food or the menu as a whole. To hear it straight from the book’s description: “The book sheds light on current trends and future developments in restaurant design and the creation of exceptional shared dining experiences.” What’s great about this book is that its subjects range from more outlandish places to those that keep it traditional by simply providing a romantic atmosphere for you and your date. It’s only natural that the food industry is beginning to pick up some serious speed, given its universal and communal qualities. Food is something that will never lose its power. Plus, it’s refreshing to see restaurants put sincere thought into the experiences they’re providing. What more of an excuse do you need to travel than simply to discover all the tastes around the globe? Learn about them first with Eat Out! and pick it up from Gestalten for $69.

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