1 Mar
Designs like this will make me miss him all the more

There isn’t much to say about this eccentric accessory, it boldly speaks for itself. What you really need to know is that it’s another cheeky purse design from the late and great Alexander McQueen — a black and yellow striped whipsnake long box clutch adorned with a skull and crystal knuckle-duster push clasp, and I find it gorgeous. It’s feminine and tough and can potentially eliminate the need for jewelry (if you don’t mind keeping it on your hand at all times). But besides all that….it’s just so damn pretty, not to mention unique. Sure we don’t normally cover purses here at LIAS, but we figured we’d make this exception. I did, however, forget one important fact: it’s $2,590. Thank you Alexander McQueen, for leaving a legacy behind so I have something to drool over. Get it here.

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