12 Mar
Why not cherrypick the best and throw it all together?

The ironic thing about the Audi RS7 concept by Austrian designer Adriano Mudri is that as wild as it looks aesthetically, its Frankenstein-esque conflation of different marques being mixed and matched is not far from the truth — and is a vision of things to come. As car companies get merged and absorbed into larger conglomerates, the corporate bin-raiding only increases and increases, until vehicles like the Rs7 are the inevitable terminal end. Audis get Lamborghini engines, Lambos steal Audi transmissions, VW laughs all the way to the Swiss banks…Incorporating design elements from every brand in the VW Group, the Audi RS7 borrows styling cues from some of its most famous cars. The hood and descending character lines passing over the front wheels and into the doors are pulled from the sporty SEAT Leon Cupra R, the scissor doors are straight off a Lamborghini Murcielago and the rear end is lifted from the Audi R8…like making a dish from the best ingredients.

via Adriano Mudri/Jalopnik

One Response to “Audi RS7 VW Group Frankenstein Concept”

  1. Preslav says:

    The front bumper part of the concept is awesome, the back is awful though. The whole form is very good, Im wondering if it will look better without the spoiler, but eitherway i think the back part needs some change, and more work…it looks very simple comparing it with the front ;)

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