3 Mar
Poland's premium vodka gets a silver makeover

I will admit I have a special affinity for Polish vodka, with the delicious Zubrowka taking personal top honors. Then, due to a love of potato-based vodkas, comes Chopin. But coming in a very close third is Belvedere Vodka, and especially this limited edition Belvedere Vodka Silver. Claiming to be the world’s first super-premium vodka, Belvedere unveiled this special-edition silver bottle to represent the pinnacle of the Polish vodka-making tradition. Sure, the vodka inside is the same  high-quality, 100% additive-free, quadruple-distilled Belvedere that people around the world have fallen in love with, but only 46,000 cases of these special-edition bottles will be made, so they’re worth looking out for — especially for only $35.

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