9 Mar
Boston's Bodega boutique takes a swing at Converse's classic shoe

The UNDFTD x Converse Poorman’s Weapon we featured a little while ago has to be one of LIAS’ all time favorite shoes ever — I think Mundt sleeps in his. Well there is again a new version of the classic Converse sneaker coming out that happens to be the brainchild of another great collaboration, and it may give the UNDFTD/Converse high-top a run for its money. This time Boston’s Bodega takes their swing at the iconic Poorman’s Weapon, and the results are a doozy. The shoe, made from a combination of supple deerskin leather and waxed canvas upper, boasts itself as an all-weather shoe. It’s water resistant, naturally regulating of temperature — thanks to the deerskin — and, well, it’s a Converse so it’s bound to be pretty damn comfortable. Keeping a mild color palette by using a charcoal colorway, the shoe keeps its ultra-high top (shown rolled down here) looking tame without sacrificing style. For $120 you get these incredible deerskin sneakers and a custom nylon case to put them in. Plus, if you’re 21+ you receive an etched flask along with your purchase. Talk about a wise investment. But with only 100 pairs for sale, the very limited edition shoes will be snatched up quick. So be prepared, the Bodega x Converse Poorman’s Weapons are being released Saturday, March 13th at noon — either make your way to Boston’s Back Bay or get them here once they’re released.

Hit the Jump for a couple packaging and detail shots…

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