31 Mar
Canadian Whisky goes dark

Sure Crown Royal ain’t the best whisky in the world, but as far as massive distillers go it’s a damn fine option (let’s just say it has a safe place in the LIAS wet bar). To give Terence more boozy options for his personal selection, they’ve just dropped a new 90-proof spirit that boasts notes of sweet maple and vanilla called Crown Royal Black. Pick it up anywhere for around $30.

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  1. badvegan says:

    Crown Royal is to whiskey what Mc Donalds is to food. I personally believe that Crown makes most of its profits during the holiday season, when people who do not know better buy it as a gift for a friend they know drinks. Also many people who do not normally host parties buy some believing it is decent whiskey. This new offering of Crown Black tastes suspiciously like regular Crown with chemicals added. At $27.95 for a 750 it is the same price as regular Crown.

  2. You should try everything once.

  3. New 90 proof dark version of Crown Royal Canadian whisky

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