18 Mar
I can hear 1,000 nerds simultaneously locking their doors forever

I may have imagined it as a child, but I never would have believed that 3D video games would become personalized for your home. But with the emergence of highly interactive gaming devices, and a resurgence in the 3D movie craze, I can’t say I’m entirely shocked. Introducing the Virtusphere, a new virtual reality system that utilizes a large rotating sphere to allow users to walk around in virtual environments. Much like a gerbil spins on a wheel, the Virtusphere is a plastic ball mounted on top of a wheeled platform, allowing users to move about their virtual environments as they please. The 3D gaming device includes a wireless head-mounted display that connects to a computer, and is able to connect to multiple spheres in order to play alongside friends and strangers. Not only will Virtusphere work with 3D games, but users will be able to experience virtual environments, so shut-ins will never have a reason to leave the house again (it can only be a matter of weeks till the first hamster wheel porn game drops). With all this 3D, virtual, digitized shit coming out on the market these days, I think the public is beginning to forget that the real world is in 3D, and it doesn’t hurt your eyes nearly as much as any synthetic devices. And I can only imagine what’s coming out next, because the Virtusphere can only satisfy game fiends for so long.

Check out a couple more shots and a demo of the Virtusphere in action after the Jump…

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