Now we’re not usually down to promote any “worn”, pre-stressed or frayed new products — it’s usually a pretty shite and corny technique in my limited world view. What exactly is the point — are you pretending you had those jeans “way back in the day — before everyone else was rocking True Religion?” Which brings me to these Dr. Martens 1460 “Worn” series, created to celebrate the brand’s 50th birthday (“1460”, as in 1/4/60, or April 1, 1960, the first day of Docs production). Make no mistake: I love Docs, and there were about 5 years there where nothing else touched my feet except the soft caressing hands of a Thai masseuse, but buying pre-worn Docs just kind of reeks of poseur. Don’t pretend you’ve been rocking your Docs for the past couple years, fresh out of the box — break in your own damn shoes! Why buy boots where the sole has been blasted, aka worn down? That’s sort of like paying MSRP for a car with 10,000 miles on it. Still, they’re admittedly well done, and will save you from looking like you just fell off the Urban Outfitters bus at that Little Dragons show next week. Ironically (or rather, fittingly), the “Worn” series can only be found at Urban Outfitters US and UK, from 1st April (tomorrow) and onward.

Detailed shots of the Worn Vs. Original series below — look out for the blasted soles, creased sides, flexed toes, stressed heel tabs and brushed leather.

via This Is Naive

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  1. TraVotez says:

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  2. […] to milk the hell outta celebrate their 50th Anniversary with applied gusto. You remember their 50th Anniversary 1460 “Worn” series, right? Well this time Dr Martens have teamed up with Commune De Paris, revisioning their same […]

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