15 Mar
The e-max city 80L does something no other scooter can

What separates the e-max city 80L from all other scooters is its easily removable battery pack — so you can charge it inside your home or office. This is a huge boon for city dwellers, as the city 80L is designed specifically for urban use. As anyone who’s lived in a multiple storied building can tell you, it is nearly impossible to charge your electric vehicles. Now you can leave your scooter parked in the garage and just bring the small battery pack up for charging. Simple and easy. Moreover, the e-max city 80L is built in Germany, so you know it’s rock solid…unlike some cheap Chinese imitations selling for $20 at your local Quik-E Mart. There’s a 50cc regulations-meeting 30mph top speed and a range of up to 40 miles, and the removable Lithium battery does a full recharge in less than three hours.

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via HellforLeather

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