26 Mar
Past meets future with Balenciaga's architectural heels

Pierre Hardy composed his heels for Balenciaga’s Fall/Winter collection out of almost anything he could find: leather, wood, plastic, metal, and all of the things you’d typically construct your house out of. Hardy wanted the heel designs to match the high-tech clothing Nicolas Ghesquiere designed for the collection; he certainly did it, taking classic styles, like oxfords and loafers, and adding more than enough edge to them by tacking on geometrically inclined pieces of plastic and wood, and fitting them with a square heel. Each heel is fit with plastic on the lower end, not only for aesthetic purposes, but as a way of raising the shoes even higher. The long running Spanish/French design house is very familiar with adding a bit of risk to their looks, keeping it modern and interesting, and these shoes are no exception. They’re certainly unique, and I appreciate the pops of color and sensitivity to texture. But, the real question is, are they practical? Well, I say they’re so damn cool, who really gives a shit — just make sure to bring a pair of flats along with you in case your feet begin to bleed…

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