5 Mar
Swedish supercar makers return with their latest volley

UPDATE: Koenigsegg just released a video of the Agera on the track, hit the Jump to see the supercar in action

The fist time I actually saw a Koenigsegg was when running the Gumball Rally in 2003, and it took off out of the San Francisco starting gate in such a torrent of rubber and smoke I had no idea what hit me. I was terrified. At this point there were only like 6 Koenigseggs in existence, and the owner had bought his to be built especially for the Gumball…and then it wasn’t finished in time. Not to be dissuaded from running that Playboy’s spring break, homeboy bought the floor model and shipped that one to the USA — making him the proud owner of 2 of 6 of the World’s Fastest Production Car (which it was at the time, only recently overtaking the McLaren F1 and soon to be overtaken itself by the Bugatti Veyron). Of course as the car was brand new it wasn’t meant to be redlined, but the owner didn’t care — he just gunned it out the gate and soon oil was spurting from its V8 like Old Faithful. Long story short, it broke down in the first 60 miles and spent half the race on the back of a truck. What’s the point, you ask? I’m not sure, other than to say the car is blazingly fast, but leads a bit to be desired on the reliability gauge (in the car’s defense, you’re not really supposed to run the car at 9K RPMs when its only got 20 miles on it). Well, Koenigsegg is at it again about to reveal their latet supercar offering: the Agera.

The fact that Koenigsegg captured the title of World’s Fastest Production Car with a 8 cylinder engine is simply stunning, and only speaks to their engineering prowess (too bad their bid to buy Saab failed, eh?). So it’s understandable that other supercar manufacturers are eyeing the Agera with trepidation. Crafted in a carbon fiber and aluminum honeycomb chassis with Kevlar and carbon fiber bodywork, it is the pinnacle of material technology. Although the Agera shares the same 4.7-liter V8 as its predecessor, the CCX, output has been increased to 910 horsepower and 811 pound-feet of torque — allowing the 2,832-pound Agera to hit 62 mph in 3.1 seconds and top out at over 242 mph. Bonkers. Aesthetically the car gets new front and rear fascias, hood and LED headlamps. If you want one, get your checks ready cause Koenigsegg only plans to produce 16-20 Ageras each year…

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