3 Mar
Multifunctional, minimalist, modular furniture

Leonardo Perugi’s Drop furniture is modular design at it’s best. The cushions can be folded into multiple positions, bestowing the user with the power to lounge on a couch, lay on a bed or sit in a chair. Each section can be separated for easy transport and the cover removed for cleaning. Unveiled at the 2010 Paris Trade Show, this convertible furniture is definitely nothing new. I’ve seen similar modular pieces coming out of Thailand. There is something to say about Italian craftsmanship, though. Although I haven’t found a price listed for Drop, even on the Cerruti Baleri’s design studio website, but you can put in a bid at Archi Tonic.

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  2. akhilanand says:

    wher can I get this in India?

  3. Madman Mundt says:

    No idea on where to get this in India Akhiland. I assume u googled “Leonardo Perugi Drop India”, so after that I’m all out of ideas. Good luck!

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