3 Mar
Chicago kids return with another groundbreaking video

Having made their name via groundbreaking videos (such as their fan-making and Grammy-winning “Here It Goes Again”), it’s not a shock Ok Go delivers with their latest, “This Too Shall Pass”. Assuming there’s no special effects (doesn’t look like it, but you can never tell), I can’t imagine how time consuming this would be to film. Any mess ups, and the cleanup and setup alone would take hours. Not surprising that a few weeks ago, OK Go lead singer Damien Kulash begged his record label in the op-ed section of the New York Times to allow bloggers to embed their YouTube music videos, as that was really the source of their success (EMI had disabled the embed ability in order to make money on the streams). Now that EMI has caved and allowed their videos to be embedded, we at LIAS can bring it to you live. Well argued, Kulash…

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