3 Mar
Because the obscenely rich shouldn't have to wind their own watches

I want the problems of the rich. I know Diddy warned that more financial means begets more mental anxiety, but I’m willing to suffer such vexations. Such as having too many luxury watches to wind — I want that bane on my existence. If I had such troubles, I would certainly look into Orbita‘s Watch Winders. The US-based company offers a series of cabinets that automatically wind between 1 to 40 watches at a time, and soon they’ll unveil their Lifestyle series, which are customizable modular cabinets that automatically wind 6 watches. Each is made of Brazilian Rosewood and lined with carbon fiber panels, with suede-lined interior drawers. Of course the doors are lockable, but for enhanced security you can add biometric (aka fingerprint) scanners. Some might argue that if you have too many watches to wind you have too many watches, but I’d call bullshit on that and just buy the 40-piece case for $59,995.00.

A full gallery of Orbita Watch Winders below, including the upcoming Lifestyle series

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