Palladium continue delivering with their Spring/Summer 2010 Collection. Not only have they developed a nearly bulletproof rep by relaunching a long dormant military brand (ex-French Foreign Legion, nonetheless), but they also innovate with cool projects like their Exploration video series. For their new Spring/Summer 2010 Collection Palladium introduces new canvas colors like military green, boue canvas with putty rubber, chestnut canvas with gum/chocolate rubber, and their original mustard canvas with putty rubber combo. All are available in both the Pampa High ($55) and the fold-down Baggy version above for $75.

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  1. […] Palladium continuar entregando sus Primavera / Verano 2010 Colección. No sólo han desarrollado un representante de cerca de balas por el relanzamiento de un largo marca militares latentes (ex-Legión Extranjera Francesa, sin embargo), pero también innovar con grandes proyectos como su URL del artículo original […]

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