17 Mar
The Do-Lo-Rez 1 Rug

Nanimarquina, established in 1987, has a self-proclaimed passion for rug designing, and thank goodness because their 184 cm x 276 cm “Do-Lo-Rez 1” rug adds something playful to the world of design. Though pixelated designs seem to be gaining momentum, and this isn’t the first time LIAS has featured one, it’s nice to see some creativity in the normally stale world of rugs. I know it’s just something we walk on, but isn’t the floor just another canvas to paint your style upon? The Do-Lo-Rez 1 rug is handmade with 100% wool from New Zealand, it is available in 3 different color palettes, and costs £2,347 (about $3,575). Yikes! And I thought too much pixelation was a bad thing! Plus, if the rug doesn’t satisfy your digital design needs, it also comes with coordinating pixel couches from Moroso. Buy the Lo-Rez rug here.

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