16 Mar
Deckstool puts all that shredding to good use

Inspired by the accumulation of endless piles of broken skateboard decks, the founder of Deckstool decided to make good use of them. Using trucks and broken boards, these stools are made from retired skateboards and can be used as seats or side tables. And by utilizing the more bruised and battered decks, the stools have an extra touch of authenticity. Each stool is combined from decks that are specifically chosen to compliment each other visually. And, every one is handmade by one of Deckstool’s craftsman. One hobby transformed into another for these furniture designers. Deckstool deserves some great thanks for producing interesting furniture in an eco-friendly way. Bravo! If you’re interested in picking up one of these unique, one-of-a-kind stools, buy them here for $200.

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