25 Mar
Go green with TK Garment Supply's military tent jacket

TK Garment Supply, a Japanese clothing line established in 2005, specializes in using vintage clothing and fabrics to create completely new looks while retaining the nostalgia of the original pieces. This military jacket from TK is composed of vintage tent canvas, which makes for an interesting color-blocked look in different shades of green. Whether you’ll be using this to keep warm on chilly spring nights or ordering a couple sizes up and staking it in the dirt, it is certainly an item that’ll stand out for its look and the label’s approach to fashion. What I appreciate about this line is that everything they make is unique in more ways than one; if they aren’t using tent canvas to make a jacket, they may be using old parachutes to create a brand new waistcoat. From the perspective of the designers, they are taking older materials and giving them a new story and life. So, what’s not to love about TK Garment Supply and this military style jacket? It’s vintage, it’s provocative, and it’s good for the Earth. Check out more from TK Garment below.

via Mens Mentore

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