31 Mar
Classically designed radios from Tivoli

The Tivoli Radio Platinum Collection features the Model One Table Radio, the Model Three Analog Clock Radio, Stereo Speakers, and for those of you who aren’t into the nearly obsolete radio transmission, they have a Model CD Player as well. What Tivoli deems as special about their vintage-inspired ‘Platinum Series’ is their “new hand-lacquered and polished high-gloss finish”, hence the term platinum.  What I find so wonderful about these semi-low-tech gadgets is how true they remain to the radios of the past with their retro look. With more and more high-tech gadgets coming out daily, one after the other, advanced technology is becoming a novelty for some folks and simplicity is getting harder to find. It’s like they say, you’ve got to dig through trash to get to the treasure (I’m pretty sure they say that) and Tivoli’s got the gold…or platinum. The collection’s comes in two color combinations: dark walnut/beige and piano black/silver. The collection ranges from around $170-$800, depending on what you’re looking for. Plus, I should mention, if you’re uninterested in the ‘archaic’ seeming machines of the past, the Tivoli Platinum Series is compatible with your iPod/MP3 player. If you’d like to  pay homage to the past, without sacrificing the modern advances in technology, click here.

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