11 Mar
Converse Canvas Star Player High-Tops get the John Varvatos treatment

We brought you the Varvatos + Converse woven sneakers a couple weeks back and here we are again presenting another collaboration from the pair. That first pair of sneakers is a relatively loose interpretation of the classic low-top all stars — leather, woven detailing, metallic finishing  but the John Varvatos Canvas Star Player High-Tops have a pretty familiar feeling to them. In the words of the product description, it’s the “The DNA of the original, changed up.” They’re made from canvas, like the classic version, but they’ve got the addition of a padded collar, an eyerow, and a star Chevron logo. But there’s also some fine detailing, like its pinstripe lining. If you’re in search of the comfort and familiarity of the original sneaker, with a touch of something different, then get the JV Canvas Star Player High-Tops for $125, here.

2 Responses to “So They Meet Again…Varvatos vs. Converse”

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