10 Mar
Viscount Linley's strange contribution to the side table

The name of this lovely design pretty much says it all. Created by high-end British furniture house Viscount Linley, the Time Table is quite simply a side-table that is made to look like a wristwatch. Although Linley consistently make some classic pieces (that Macallan Viscount Linley Whisky Case makes a very potent argument) this one has me scratching my head a bit. Made from a combination of rosewood and covered in a layer of glass, the table features an illuminated analog clock constructed inside the rosewood top made from acrylic and nickel plated crown details, finished with a sturdy leather base shaped to complete the look of the wristwatch. Eye-catching? Yes. Tacky? You might argue that. You can even choose to keep your watch collection stashed in its two hidden drawers, but that might be a bit much. Buy it here for a meager $31,175.

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