30 Mar
2 sneakers for the price of 1

I’ve heard of the reversible jacket, and even those pants that convert to shorts with a little zip, but changeable sneakers is a rare thing to find. The Transform Pack from Adidas by Stan Smith is a 2-in-1 sneaker, beginning as a high-top and “transforming” into a a low-top Stan Smith 80s. The black leather high-top upper detaches from a zipper at the mid-sole and includes subtle blue details which hint at the blue Stan Smith low-top that hides underneath. They aren’t the first 2-in-1 shoe to be created, but despite that they maintain a large sense of originality, especially because the two shoes are so different from each other. They’ll certainly help those indecisive shoppers who can’t decide if they’ll get more use and style from a low-top or a high-top. They’re smart design and have got limited edition availability so get these chameleons if you can find them.

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