19 Mar
Endangered species meets Persian prosperity

This is just disgusting. I’m appalled at Lise Lefebvre’s so-called take on natural design, the Barenjager bear skin rug. I mean, there are only a handful of Persian Carpet Bears left in the world, and half of them live in captivity. The destruction of this bear could mean that the wall-mounted, singing fish population would skyrocket out of control. As a result, the Drunken Toothless Redneck beaver population of southern Saskatchewan would increase sharply. And we certainly don’t want another Christian Right movement.

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  1. joanne says:

    Well, if it weren’t for the Christian Right, we’d all be living in a Socialist country. Oh, wait, we are living in a Socialist country. This writer is a commi socialist.

  2. o…m…g. I thought people like you went extinct. Thanks for reading.

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