5 Mar
A tiny cube that packs so much power

We here at LIAS get excited about all sorts of interesting designs, even when it’s something as minuscule as a 2″ x 2″ air freshener. And don’t let the unsuspecting size and simplicity of this air freshener fool you, it’s actually got some real technical punch. The Chikuno Cube is made from a combination of clay minerals and bamboo charcoal, the latter of which is capable of absorbing many types of bad chemicals in the air, including odors of course. Even more interesting is how Chikuno’s honeycomb design expands the surface area of the cube by 100, allowing it to hold on to more of the malodorous fumes floating about rather than having you to breathe them in. But, what’s even better about this all-powerful cube is that it can be re-used for a year; all it takes is 6 hours in direct sunlight once a month. It works best in small areas (i.e. cars, fridges, closets) and costs $28.50. Get it here.

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