18 Mar
It won't help you avoid being eaten by zombies

Grocery bags, they’re everywhere you look. Fluttering from tree branches, stuck in sewage drains and jammed into that one drawer in the corner of your kitchen. Why do you jam that drawer full of plastic bags? Do you need that many bags? Really the only thing I use them for is wrapping my smoke alarm. There’s no better use. Yes, I could probably replace the thousands of plastic bags I use with Ina Weise’s $25 fabric “Thank You” bag, but I wouldn’t be able to fit as many in my kitchen drawer. I could probably use this bag to do all of my grocery shopping and I could even use it to silence my smoke detector. But what happens when the zombie apocalypse comes? What will I do without a kitchen drawer overflowing with plastic bags? Get eaten by zombies, that’s what.

One Response to “The Fabric ‘Thank You’ Grocery Bag”

  1. joanne says:

    The only zombies in this country are walking around singing koombuya and holding hands over a burning economy. Maybe you should focus more of your writing on heathcare issues so that we don’t have to become zombies to a liberal communist system?

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