19 Mar
Breaking News: Newspapers Are Dead!


It seems the digital age is starting to mock the archaic printed and paper forms of the past. Well, now you can get in on the action, with your very own Newspaper Print Laptop Bag. The plastic laptop bag, designed by Mitemite, is covered with newspaper print to give the illusion of a folded paper on the outside, and lined with black satin on the inside so it can cradle your personal computer ever so gently. Each bag’s print is one-of-a-kind unique….until you’ve read the same articles enough times to know the letter-count on the front page. The bag is priced at £ 103.00, which may be a little steep for such subtle wit (I mean, for 50 cents you can make your very own laptop case, all you need is a little duct tape) but at least its black and white print will be easy to match. If this news has peaked your interest, they’re in stock here.

8 Responses to “The “Folded Newspaper” Laptop Bag”

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  2. joanne says:

    This product is the exactly the reason why this county has gone to shit. Newspapers are dying because of immorality, Rufus, not because some blogger says so. Inspirational? Maybe you should stick to not commenting on the web.

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