8 Mar
Made from 100% leather

Taking something so familiar and reinventing it isn’t an easy task, but Kim Artifacts has done it exceptionally with their Papr bag, a design inspired by the classic lunchtime storage device, the paper bag. The Papr bag is made from leather and lined on the inside with a plush fabric. It’s equipped with a pocket on the inside for convenience,  scalloped handles, and the traditional zig-zag cut on the bag’s opening. It’s so simple and so gorgeous because of it. The idea behind it makes me swell with happiness and reminds me of better days when I was rushing to the benches at recess, ready to barter for the best snack I could find. But, the best part is that it’s actually leather and can be taken everywhere, just don’t write your name on the outside. It comes in three colors, so if it’s peaked your interest, grab it at kimartifacts.com for $399.

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