8 Mar
A space-conscious design for an ever-growing population

The Vulcan Stove, otherwise referred to as “Hell’s Machine” by it’s designer, is intelligent design working at it’s finest. Arthur Senant, the man responsible for this concept, has created a machine that can be used to cook, store items, save space, and keep you warm all throughout the wintertime. The Vulcan Stove is equipped with white metal sheet shelves that extend from the vent and can be arranged in any way you’d like. At the bottom lay a cast iron stove that also functions as a fireplace when needed. Whether or not you have an adorable animal sitting beside it, I think this stove is not only functional but stylish, and when you don’t have the option to live in a palace it’s the perfect contraption to “de”-cram your life. Keep it up Mr. Senant.

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