25 Mar
One part loafer, one part sneaker, all parts leather

One part loafer, one part sneaker, and all parts leather — it’s the Fabro SII-Folk by Visvim. These are the second edition of the Fabro Folk series from the Japanese label and are predictably expensive, priced at $770 (579 Euros) at The Glade. But the price tag isn’t that high without reason; the hand-stitched high-end shoes are made with a vegetable tanned cowhide upper and natural cork footbed. They’re quite a luxurious slip-on, but at least you know the quality is high which means a potentially long-lasting pair of shoes. They come in both burgandy, as pictured above, and a classic black below. You even get two cents back with your purchase because Visvim includes 2 custom-made silver pennies along with the purchase (obviously the most important selling point).

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