1 Mar
Another thing Phil Spector can be proud of

All I can think to say about this iPod speaker is…holy shit! The Wall of Sound iPod speaker, designed by Brothers, boasts 28 speaker elements, a 40 Hz-20.000 kHZ frequency response, and the power to kill or permanently injure any member of your family. It stands at 3′ x 4′ and keeps it simple and standard in design with a black grill covering it’s components, leading me to, for the first time in my adult life,  be intimidated by an iPod speaker. To quote the products website, “It looks frightening, and it IS frightening.” But, in all seriousness, this is one badass way to play your iPod. And if you’re one for loud music this would certainly be the route to take, but, don’t try and sue Brothers when you’ve lost all ability to hear by age 35. It’s $4,495 and it’s available here.

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