26 Mar
Limited edition Love Caviar Tin 2010 from Prunier & YSL

Yves Saint Laurent present their annual Caviar House & Prunier edition caviar, one of the most coveted caviar releases of the year. The Love 2010 tin contains the finest black pearls available, aged to its prime for 45 days and made using ancient Persian recipes with the original salt. YSL has been creating this edition of caviar from Prunier since 1970, with the tin itself showcasing a previously unreleased drawing from the late Yves Saint Laurent himself (taken from a selection of his personal note cards). Although I love caviar, it’s unlikely that a net jockey like myself will be able to afford a tin anytime soon, especially considering they’ll run you about $590 for 125g (£395). And you’ll have to wait till their release in October — still plenty of time to start that lucrative Xango franchise you’ve been mulling over…

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